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A survey found that 85% of the world's office workers are disengaged at work. In Japan, only 5% of people are enthusiastic, and the rest are known to be unmotivated or complaining about others and lowering the motivation of others.

At Project Any, before the next generation is dyed in such a social environment, we will establish a personal vision for each person, and continue to provide opportunities for self-reflection on a daily basis, so that we can work towards our life goals. We will contribute to the development of young people who can pursue careers with a sense of purpose. In addition, within the project, by creating opportunities with the keyword "communication" that the next generation and companies can get to know each other in a flat manner, which is not related to job selection, co-creation of opportunities to select an organization that matches your own personal vision. create with partners.


Through the efforts of Project Any, we will contribute to solving the problem of motivation for the next generation. Specifically, by providing the following three initiatives to the next generation, we will support the creation of human resources who will be responsible for future leadership and who are enthusiastic about their work and can achieve their goals.


Before deciding on a first career, we provide an environment where you can self-identify your strengths and other characteristics and reflect on yourself through your daily life.


We provide each young person with a mentor who can be consulted at any time about their worries and about themselves, and who will be the driving force for moving toward the future.


Participate in a global community where young people with their own axis gather, and provide the next generation with an environment that constantly inspires and gives.


Through the above efforts, we have set some goals regarding the motivation of the next generation to participate in Project Any. We will share the mission that Project Any will work on with co-creation partners in 2023.



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