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Youth globalization is a key theme for all economic opportunities around the world. However, not only in Japan, but since the 2020 pandemic, opportunities for young people to experience foreign cultures and test their own potential are decreasing.

In order to actively promote the globalization of the next generation, Project Any supports the global community "Many" that only Any students can join. In addition, about 40% of Any students are the next generation with overseas experience or foreign nationality. By increasing this ratio in the future, we will create opportunities for many of the next generation around the world to come into contact with different cultures and test their potential.


Through the efforts of Project Any, we will contribute to solving the problems of globalization in the next generation. Specifically, by providing the following three initiatives to the next generation, we will support future leaders so that they can play an active role as global citizens in their desired places and desired stages.


We will create opportunities for the next generation, who will be responsible for the future, to come into contact with each other, express themselves, and communicate, regardless of their origins.


By acquiring a network that can be connected when they enter society, we will create young people who can live a richer life.


Participate in a global community where young people with their own axis gather, and provide an environment where you can always accept yourself and others.


Through the above efforts, we have set some goals for the next generation of globalization participating in Project Any. We will share the mission that Project Any will work on with co-creation partners in 2023.


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