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Project Any is an educational infrastructure that aims to produce working adults who can actively pursue their own vision.

Partners can grow into a company supported by more stakeholders by participating in next-generation human capital initiatives through the following service models.

Improving corporate value through initiatives for next-generation human capital


By working on the next generation of human capital, we can help create a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Business leaders from around the world who have a strong awareness of the issue of creating growth for young people who will lead the future are participating in Project Any as individual co-creation partners. You can share the status of your project with them through exchange meetings and reports, and you can take the initiative to support the growth of the next generation.

Early contact with the next generation who are highly motivated to grow


By participating in co-creation partners, you can contribute to social practice programs through the provision of internships.

Through internships and events, the next generation with the newest senses, knowledge, and ways of thinking can interact with companies, not only contributing to the growth of the next generation, but also leading to the growth of the organization and employees.

Communication skill set for mid-career employees


You can incorporate a communication skill set that can support the growth of the next generation into your mid-level employees.

We offer a curriculum based on the unique OVER20 INITIATIVE method by MENTOR WORKOUT, which has specialized in mentoring to support the growth of people in their 20s. To support the growth of the next generation, our methods that understand the characteristics of generations are important, not uniform communication skills.

Reasons why co-creation partners are attracting attention from society

Project Any has several projects through the production of the next generation of leaders who are active and active.

By disseminating our next-generation human capital initiatives to the world and expanding Project Any,

Together with our co-creation partners, we will create more next-generation leadership.


Contributing to the creation of diverse human resources

In the any program, diversity discussions that emphasize respect for diversity*1are doing

Participants are diversifiedBy participating in the program based on the philosophy of "Discussion", you will understand through experience that you can feel the charm of other participants and that society is alive because there are people who are different from you.

​*1Anygram Diversity Discussion: A discussion that transcends all communities and is unbiased in terms of origin and background

Contribute to the creation of motivated human resources

As of 2022, the “job satisfaction” of people working at companies continues to decline. Amid calls for the need for human capital management, according to Japan's "job satisfaction" score quantified by Credit Pricing Corporation, a credit evaluation company, if May 2012 is 100, May 2022 will be 88.5 and has declined significantly. In addition, according to a survey conducted by Gallup in 2021, the percentage of “enthusiastic employees” in Japan is 5%, which is the lowest among major countries (6% in the 2017 survey). By creating human resources who are self-centered before they enter the workforce, we will produce human resources who can grow vigorously toward their vision without being swept away by changes in the environment.


Contributing to the creation of highly happy human resources

The any program offers a mentoring program for each student. You can introspect yourself in a highly psychologically safe space and develop a sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy.

In addition, regular connections with co-creation partners are useful in cultivating awareness of the significance of existence and social skills.

Building relationships with disinterested third parties other than parents and friends contributes to resolving mental health problems among young people.

Read interviews with leaders from all walks of life

“Project Any” for expanding corporate human capital
Teruo Seno/ unitSpecial Advisor, Honferry Japan Co., Ltd.

In an era where there is no correct answer, we need people who can anticipate and welcome change, formulate hypotheses, and take action by working backwards from goals, rather than acting on precedent. The “self-centered verbalization” provided by any is a powerful weapon for that purpose. It is also an important opportunity for students to create strong individuals. In addition, taking advantage of the declining birthrate and aging society, 6.9 people in the whole society support one young person and deliver any. rice field.・・・ >read the interview
Creative justification and self-axis to generate innovation
Qingdao  Yaichi /Director of Innovation Research Center, Hitotsubashi University

If you don't do anything, it may not be 1 people in 20 people who will change. Originally, I think there are many people who are thinking about who they are in high school.However, there are many people who do not have the opportunity to think about it to the end and spend their university life and become a member of society by inertia. It's a big thing that even some of those people are able to think through to the end and decide that they're going to do this for the next 5 or 10 years. It is not necessary for everyone to become an innovator, so if even one person increases, it will be a big thing.・・・ >read the interview
“Project Any” as a company with high aspirations
Satoshi Oda /General corporate lawHuman and Social Change Promotion Foundation Knowledge Development Officer

I feel that any can be very useful in promoting matching in society, eliminating mismatches, reducing early turnover, and improving morale.From the student's point of view, it also plays a role in preventing self-disappointment such as disappointment and gaps that weren't supposed to be like this. I think it's good for both companies and students.・・・ >read the interview

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