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Connected thoughts nurture the giants of the future



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investment in the futureraise the next generationlead to fun and joy

​Why is next-generation growth support necessary through private-sector collaboration?

In order to overcome the common problem of an aging society with a declining birthrate, it is necessary to improve per capita productivity and create an environment in which young people can play an active role. On the other hand, individual values have become extremely diverse, and there is a limit to entrusting education to faculty and staff members who have an increasing work burden. The time has come for motivated and skilled “people” to take on “public” roles. And by taking advantage of the declining birthrate and aging society and supporting one pre-working adult with 6.9 adults, the warmth of support connects people, grows them, and leads to returning value to society. We connect adults/corporate organizations and pre-workers through any and produce Ikiteru individuals.

Become a next-generation growth support partner

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​Circle of support spreads by purchasing T-shirts

The funds will be used for student tuition fees and curriculum administration costs.

an original T-shirtDedicated siteBy purchasing at , you can support the future of students.

At any, by providing students who have yet to enter the workforce with the opportunity to deepen their own vision and self-awareness, we will contribute to creating as many people as possible who can open up their own careers and enjoy life.


Becoming a partner to watch over the growth of the next generation

The next generation that will carry the future ten years from now,
Would you like to support growth with us?


Seira Sakumoto

Sophia University 4th grade


I had a clear sense of purpose that I wanted to clarify my vision for the future, but by participating in any, I was able to organize my thoughts necessary for that!
On top of that, until now, I had spent a lot of time obtaining a large amount of information from outside, but by focusing on speaking out myself, I was able to think "I am important to myself" before deciding on a prospective job offer. I was able to face what I wanted to do.


Becoming a partner that accelerates next-generation growth

had a visionglobal leadermakes Japan grow

Contracts can be made according to the needs of companies such as ESG, CSR, and public relations. Please contact us for more information.

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Introduction of official support partners


Teruo Seno

After serving as chairman of the Japanese subsidiary of Korn Ferry, one of the world's leading human resource organization consulting firms, he is currently a special advisor to the company.

In an era where there is no correct answer, we need people who can anticipate and welcome change, formulate hypotheses, and take action by working backwards from goals, rather than acting on precedent. The “self-centered verbalization” provided by any is a powerful weapon for that purpose. It is also an important opportunity for students to create strong individuals. In addition, taking advantage of the declining birthrate and aging society, 6.9 people in the whole society support one young person and deliver any. rice field. > read more

corporate value and image. In today's world of many goods and services, it is difficult to differentiate one's own products and services from those of other companies. In such a situation, it is possible to improve the image of the product and improve the corporate value by appealing the efforts of the entire company instead of competing with the product or service itself.


Improve corporate value

We live in an era in which it is important for employees to be aware of the social significance of what they are doing. You can think that your work is contributing to society, and you can increase your motivation to work. In addition, by emphasizing the social significance of the company in the hiring process, it is possible to secure excellent human resources.

Improve employee motivation

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