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This is a part of the achievements of those who have personally contracted MENTOR WORKOUT's corporate introduction results and MENTOR WORKOUT's mentor training course.

starting with the people
​next generation
educational infrastructure

"individual eraThe new education of "" starts here
Anna Feher  University of Cambridge (UK)

1st any image model

Corporate co-creation partner

My future is Ikiteru!

Targeting students, we will “support human resources who open up their own lives”.

Through deepening the vision and self-awareness of students, the aim is to create the next generation of global leaders by carving out their own careers without being swayed by the information society and the rapidly changing environment.

Original curriculum produced by Mentor Workout

What is "any"?

Any is a curriculum for cultivating global leaders who can think and act independently without depending on the environment.

​The society that we will co-create with our partners five years from now will be a world where the next generation will shine brightly. Any is a new form of educational service for exploring and creating the “vision” and “self-awareness” required of future global leaders.

Discuss only with the same generation based on economic data comparing the 20-year-old generation and the parent generation. Learn about our current situation.


Adoption rate 4%. Language your own axis in an online one-on-one session with a mentor who has a proven track record in corporations.

60min × 3 times


Sharing and discussion about each person's axis,

Learn diversity. Get to know others and gain a better understanding of yourself.

120min x 1 time


120min x 1 time


1. Discussion ~What is my life like? realization~

The purpose of step 1 is to:take ownership of one's lifeThat's it. The times we live in have been taken for granted until now.The collapse of values and social systems has begunThe world. By discussing and comparing the past and future eras with peers of the same generation,It is natural to be differentYou will get the feeling.

​provides the perspective necessary to consider whether empirical advice is really applicable to our times before taking it seriously. prize.

And those who are able to separate advice from different generations and different backgrounds will change their mindset from "I want to know myself" to "I need to know myself" as we enter the era of 100-year lifespans.

Discussion based on economic data comparing the parent generation and the 20-year-old generation


In step 2,Think about what you want to do, who you want to be, your goals, and what you don't likeThrough this, we provide one-on-one opportunities to think about employment and life ahead. In job hunting, no one has the same axis.Dialogue with Professional Third PartiesThrough, we support the verbalization of "self-axis".

mentor workout

3. Discussion ~ Knowing everyone's Ikiteru (self-axis) ~

Self-axis and value judgment axis clarified in step 2express to othersdoprovide opportunities. It is also an opportunity to be inspired by other students who are participating in any while training your communication skills.

Discussion to get to know others

anyParticipate in Completion/OT Community

Only those in their 20s can register for those who have completed the entire curriculum of anyglobal communityOT Communityis waiting for You can send messages with community participants, participate in discussion events, etc.content to growis abundant.


global communityOT CommunityMentor Workouts are always available to anyone who subscribes to . You who found Ikiterucontent to growis abundant.

​I will be 30 tomorrow, and I will continue

global communityOT Communitywill graduate at the age of 30. By the time you graduateIkiteru friends all over the worldThere is

​Why is “vision” important?

It is said that only 6% of people in Japan are currently working with high motivation.

And in the fall of 2021, the collapse of the old social system (lifetime employment, etc.) that was formulated during the high economic growth period has begun, as can be seen in the proposal by the CEO of a certain prime market listed company to set a mandatory retirement age of 45. In this age of VUCA, many of the generations who are going to work are anxious, and especially in their 20s, the number of working people who are "career lost (because they don't know why they are working at this company)" is increasing. I'm here.


In this age of information overload and instability, what are the qualities of human resources who can carve out their own lives and demonstrate leadership?

One answer is the manifestation of your own "vision"*.

Life is a series of decisions. Having a vision creates the axis of judgment necessary to carve out your own life, and you can make decisions based on a clear understanding of the direction in which you should move toward self-fulfillment, no matter what external changes may occur in the future. Become a human resource.

* The "vision" referred to here is the "vision" in life

Voices of ​ students who participated in the program

moresee students


Seirai Sakumoto

Sophia University 3sophomore

from now onclear visionI had a clear sense of purpose that I wanted to do, but by participating in any, I was able to organize my thoughts for that purpose!
On top of that, I used to spend a lot of time getting a lot of information from outside, but by focusing on what I myself say in MENTOR WORKOUT,
what you want to cherishI was able to face

​ *Academic year is as of the first day of participation

Makes it possible to make “personal” choices that you won’t regret


Once you have a vision, it will be easier for you to make decisions about what will happen in your life without hesitation. In job hunting, questions are not fixed, so sudden thoughts may come out. Even at such times, if you have a clear "vision" that does not waver at any time, you will be able to think without hesitation.


Plenty of benefits only available at any

7 reasons why any can train autonomous human resources as an education for the “individual era”

Many achievements with corporations

Our mentors, who have a proven track record of providing services to companies listed on the prime market, the government, and J-League clubs, will support you to grow into self-reliant human resources.

20s limited community

Students who participate in any can belong to the OT community where only people in their 20s gather.

It is an environment that stimulates each other precisely because the members are highly career-oriented.


Participation fee free

Aiming to be the next-generation educational infrastructure, any adopts a new-age education model that supports students together with society. Students can attend the entire curriculum for free.


Independent organization

We do not recruit personnel. You can use it with confidence.


Over 1500 employees


We have supported the growth of more than 1,500 people specializing in their 20s.

94% user satisfaction

Mentor Workout has a 94% satisfaction rating.


FY2021 n=464

fully online

All programs are online, so you can participate from all over the world.


Reliable media performance


of MENTOR WORKOUTachievement

Mentors participating in any are completely produced by mentor workouts that have produced results as individuals and corporations. For example, the effect of mentor workouts on corporate companies is obvious at a glance.

We have achieved an average 84% increase in motivation by supporting the growth of logical thinking and autonomy. In this way, we have transplanted the achievements and know-how that we have provided mentor workouts to more than 1,500 working people in their twenties to the mentors participating in this project.



Mentor Workout began in 2018 for individuals, and since it leads to steady effects and results without suggestions, it has received strong support from people in their 20s, saying, "It's much better than fortune-telling!" and "I want you to join the company!" This is a growth support service for people in their 20s that has been developed for corporations.

 Motivation improvement for young employees: 84%

Employees who answered that they were more positive about their work compared to before the mentor workout started84%. As a result, the target employee turnover rate at the introduced company▲11%realize

* Average performance of companies that introduced Mentor Workout in 2020 and 21. Adult users in their 20s n=356


20's limited global community


The 20s-only community “OT Community” is a self-propelled community operated under the theme of “connection” and “communication” that only people in their 20s can join, in order to continuously support the challenges of people in their 20s.

You can participate after completing any

What the OT community can do


You can connect with people in their 20s around the world

Operated by OVER20OT communityis a global community limited to 20s where 20s around the world can connect and grow together. Students who complete any will be able to participate in the global community.


You can follow people you care about

People participating in the community have their own profile page and can post. If you are interested in reading the contents of your interests, hobbies, and transmissions, you can follow them and become friends. Life is enriched by connecting with people of the same generation and people in their 20s from all over the world.


Join interest groups and events

The hurdles are quite high for circles that one can join after becoming an adult. In the community, you can create various groups such as "cooking club", "diving club", "design club", etc., and recruit friends with the same hobby. We also hold regular events on various themes. Feel free to join us.


can participate in discussions

Would you like to start practicing expressing your opinion? It's not too late to start now. You can connect with people with various values and enjoy discussions because it is a highly psychologically safe community where people of the same generation belong.


Next-Generation Growth Support System for Private Sector Collaboration


any is a project that started in April 2022 with the aim of creating next-generation educational infrastructure.

Declining birthrate and aging society. At the same time as "2.1 people support one senior", we have built an education system for "6.9 working people support one young person's leap forward".

Students who have goals to aim for will be supported by next-generation growth support partners who support any.

get help

By sponsoring from individuals and companies, students can attend for free.


  • For what purpose will it be used?
    I want to spend my life proactively! If you are a student who thinks that, the purpose of use is wide-ranging. For reference, I will list the purpose of participation of the students so far. ・As soon as I received a job offer from my first choice company, I became worried about whether I really wanted to work for this company. I want to use this as an opportunity to think about my future ・I received two job offers from my first choice group, but there is no final decision axis as to which company to work for. I want to make decisions with confidence on my own ・Recently, I don't know what to do with my life. I want to clarify what I want to cherish in my life while talking to people of the same generation. ・I want to start a business and become rich. I would like to meet people of the same generation who are active with goals and inspire each other, so I would like to participate.
  • Is it just a job hunting consultation?
    For those who expect immediate results (for example, getting job offers from companies, ES corrections, interviews), please use career advisors provided by recruiting companies. At any, we offer you the opportunity to think, not to get a job offer, but to enrich your life. Therefore, it is rare for mentors to share their experiences as they are.
  • What is the difference between Career Advisor
    There are four major differences. 1: It is not a business model to get rewards by sending students. For this reason, we do not introduce job offers to encourage students to send customers or get a job offer, but provide time to achieve the purpose in line with the purpose sought by the pre-working adult in front of us. 2: The quality of the interview is different because it is provided by a professional mentor who has a proven track record with corporations. 3: You can make friends with goals of the same generation (20s). Through group discussion, you will listen to the thoughts of the same generation and have a discussion. Also, after completing any, you will be able to participate in the community OT community only for people in their 20s, and you will be able to use the service continuously. 4: You can connect with members of society. It is thanks to the individual working adults and companies who support us that we are able to use the service free of charge. Once every six months, supporters and supporters meet to create connections with people they normally would not meet. In addition, it is possible to interact with members of society within the OT community.
  • Since gaps and mismatches occur after working, isn't it difficult to prevent them?
    It is natural that there will be a gap between the image before and after joining the company and the reality. Through our sessions, we think about working, working, earning money, etc. to reduce the gap. In addition, by verbalizing the axis of the individual, we will cultivate human resources with autonomous thinking who can work forward without falling into responsibility even if there is a gap.
  • What kind of pre-social workers are gathering?
    Participation is for those who have goals and those who are seriously thinking about moving forward in their lives. As an attribute, there are an increasing number of cases where college students are using it regardless of grade, gender, or place of residence. In addition, the number of participants from foreign countries such as Spain and the United States, as well as those of foreign nationality, is increasing. (Reference) The following universities belong to the students. 【Domestic】 The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Hitotsubashi University, Tsukuba University, Keio University, Sophia University, Meiji University, Rikkyo University, Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Ritsumeikan University, Nihon University, Toyo University [Overseas] University of Cambridge・Bangkok University・Minnesota State University, Mankato・university of the people・Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
  • 参加方法を知りたい
    HP上部にある「参加申込」、もしくは「説明会に参加する」から、30分間のオンライン説明会にご参加ください。 その後、参加申込書をご提出いただき、運営よりメールが届いた方に受講をお願いしております。
  • 説明会に参加したら必ず参加できるか
    説明会への参加は、anyへの参加を確定させるものではありません。 当プログラムは、自分の人生を主体的に切り拓く意思ある方にのみ提供しております。そのため、弊社独自基準をクリアした方にのみ、参加資格が付与されます。 なお、参加可否については、当事業運営からの案内メールによってご案内させていただいております。
  • anyを無料受講する条件
    説明会に参加後、参加申込書をご提出ください。 なお、参加申込書をご提出いただく際に、無料受講を希望される方には以下条件をクリアにできることを課させていただいております。 条件の一部を記載いたします。 その他条件については、説明会でご説明させていただきます。 ・すべてのプログラムに必ず参加すること ・各ステップ終了後のアンケート回答に協力いただくこと ・年に2回開催する「anyミートアップイベント」に人生をとおして、1回以上は必ずご出席いただくこと ※以上の条件に関わらず受講されたい方は、プログラム受講料をお支払いいただければ、プログラムに参加が可能となります。ご希望の方は、お問い合わせ窓口より、ご相談ください。
  • any受講中のアンケートは何のために実施しているのか
    当社は「20代から、世界を変える」を掲げています。 社会に拾い上げづらい私たち20代の本音を社会に発信することが、当社の社会的責任の一つだと考えております。 そのため、皆様の率直なご意見や社会に対する考え方を収集し、発信するためにアンケート回答にご協力いただいています。
  • プログラムの受講日程について
    プログラムの開校日程は、説明会参加者様に送信する参加申込書内に記載がございます。 なお、ステップ1とステップ3の日程は固定日程のため、ステップ1・3双方の日程が確実に押さえた上でお申し込みください。 ステップ2のプロ面談員とのマンツーマンセッションは、ステップ1と3の間約4週間の中で自由にご予約いただけます。
  • プログラムの途中棄権について
    1か月のプログラムを途中で放棄することは原則不可とさせていただおります。 当プログラムは、個人パートナー、法人パートナーの皆さまと共に大学生の皆様に無料の成長環境を提供しております。そのため、社会からの支援を頂戴していることをご理解の上、確実にスケジュールを確保し、プログラム(約1か月、計7時間)をご受講ください。
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