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While researching growing companies
Found Project Any

Japanese stock analyst
Makiko Shimada

We asked Ms. Makiko Shimada, an individual co-creation partner who is currently working as a Japanese equity analyst for an asset management company in the UK, about initiatives for human capital and the future of next-generation education “any” co-created in society. I was.


Makiko Shimada

After graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Economics in 2017, engaged in corporate M&A advisory services at the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs Securities Co., Ltd. Since 2021, he has worked as a Japanese equity analyst at Asset Value Investors Limited, a British asset management company. In 2022, he will join any as an individual partner.


Based on your career so far, I believe you have been involved in work that is deeply related to corporate economics and forecasting future corporate trends."My future is Ikiteru! Japan's future co-creation project in an era where 6.9 working people can support one young person"What is the reason for your sponsorship?

- Efforts for “investment in human resources for the next generation” discovered while researching growing companies any

At my current position at an asset management company, I conduct research on Japanese companies that I would like to invest in, and I always keep in mind the question, "Which companies will grow and have earning power?" In the process of my research, I believe that companies have management resources such as goods, money, information, and time. is the most important resource.

In addition, recently, from the perspective of ESG investment, "human capital initiatives" such as diversity and human resource development have been emphasized, and the importance of human resources is expected to increase further in the future. Under such circumstances, I was looking for an opportunity to be involved in investing in human resources for the next generation, but there weren't many such opportunities. That's it!" and decided to support.

Mr. Shimada's career was once closed in high school, and from there he studied to enter the University of Tokyo, and his career orientation changed in response to changes in the times. At the same time, I think that you are good at changing the direction of growth, but Mr. Shimada, what do you think was the strength that was necessary for growth in the past?

- Clarify your own values and achieve self-fulfillment by acting selfishly in a good way

ー 自身の価値観を明確にし、良い意味で自分本位に行動した結果自己実現を叶える

I think it's the power to clarify your own values. In high school, I wanted to become a pianist, so I practiced all day. In college, I wanted to become an accountant, so I went to a vocational school. To be honest, I didn't have a clear image of what I wanted to be.


In my first year as a working adult, I joined a US investment bank and worked in a global environment. I think that I was able to act on my own terms in a good way from the perspective of continuing to be active in the financial industry for a long time, and that I was able to achieve self-actualization in my current position.

島田様も 20 代ですが、実際にグローバル企業で働かれて感じる、身近にいるリーダーシップを発揮して活躍している人材の特徴はどこにあると思いますか?

Mr. Shimada, you are also in your twenties. What do you think are the characteristics of human resources who demonstrate leadership and are active in the workplace?

A person who has a clear set of values within themselves and who can continue to act independently without changing their axis.

At my current asset management company, I have a British colleague who is the same age as me. is a leader. As head of research on Japanese equities, he continues to inspire team members beyond age and nationality by sharing a vision for discovering attractive investment opportunities and actively conducting research himself. . In addition, he treats all stakeholders equally, and I think he is a personality that people around him want to follow.

Mentoring programs are not standard in Japan, but in the individualistic societies of Europe and the United States, they are often used by students. I believe that individualism will continue to advance in Japan in the future, and mentoring, which can provide personalized growth support for each individual, will become more popular. From that perspective, Mr. Shimada, what do you expect from any?

​ ー Mentoring is a natural existence

ー メンタリングは、当たり前の存在

The mentoring program differs from university classes and corporate group training in that it gives individuals a sense of trust in that they can receive advice tailored to their particular circumstances and challenges. There is also a sense of security in that "the mentor has set aside time to consult with me" even if I do not catch it by asking.

At my previous job at a US investment bank, there was a system in which all employees received mentoring regardless of their position. It is

I have been using mentoring for career counseling since I entered the workforce, so if there was a program like any when I was a student who was forced to make an important career choice, I would definitely participate. In that sense, I think it would be ideal if any would become a place that many students would use as a matter of course, and that it would be a place where they could create opportunities for them to become aware of their own values about job hunting and future careers.


Finally, what kind of relationship do you want to continue with any as a partner in the future?

​ー We would like to expand awareness of our existence to working adults for educational infrastructure

​ー 教育インフラに向けて、社会人の方への存在認知を拡大していきたい

Through interaction with students who will lead the next generation at any, I would be happy if I could help students realize their careers. In particular, if there are people who want to work overseas, I would like to show them that even if you were born in Japan and raised in Japan, you can build a career in the UK. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


Also, I would like to expand the recognition of its existence not only to students but also to working people so that any can become a common educational infrastructure for society.

We will disseminate various information about any students and the next generation.
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